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Gender identity and expression are relevant topics for everyone to understand. Not just those who are transitioning! In a business built around an inclusive, exciting company culture, and excellent customer service, what’s the best way to get that conversation started?

o/e was approached by JACK Entertainment to create an eLearning course to raise awareness around transgender issues. JACK Entertainment wanted to prepare their team members to interact appropriately and respectfully with transgender guests and team members. With a reputation as a great place to work, Jack wished to ensure all guests and team members feel comfortable and accepted.

o/e was selected to create this training based on a history of unique training solutions and experience with creating interactive animation-based simulations.

o/e’s Solution

o/e proposed a thoughtful, interactive course for all Jack Entertainment team members. The training would introduce the key terms used to talk about gender and gender transition, and the legal protections and company policies that cover transgender individuals. The bulk of o/e’s solution was built around relatable scenario-based simulations that learners might encounter in their everyday work duties. These learning scenarios allow learners to choose the appropriate responses in situations involving transgender individuals including checking guest ID, restroom access, and promoting tolerance.

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