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City Hospital

Interactive Compliance Training


While mandatory training for employees in healthcare settings is critical for both employee and patient health and safety, the delivery method can be just as important to overall success. o/e was approached by a hospital client to design an e-learning solution that would breathe new life into mandatory pathogen control training. The hospital had delivered existing training to their employees using PowerPoint presentations and dry content. While learners were meeting requirements to complete the training, it was a passive learning experience. The hospital client and o/e recognized an opportunity to enhance the course.

o/e’s Solution

o/e proposed a solution that would elevate mandatory training into something memorable and meaningful to the audience, and allow learners to get much more out of the experience. o/e’s solution was designed to change things up and get the audience interested and actively participating in their education. The City Hospital e-learning course gives learners the skills they need to identify and take precautions to minimize the risk of spreading pathogens in a busy hospital environment. Using realistic scenarios, learners are able to practice performing important tasks including how to select the best personal protective equipment when working with various types of risks, and safely triage patients who present symptoms of infection.

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