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World Health Organization

Global Audience Learning Solution


The primary role of the World Health Organization (WHO) is to direct international health within the United Nations’ system. The WHO wished to develop an educational solution that would introduce learners to the WHO Country Cooperation Strategy (CCS), what the CCS is, why it is important, and who is involved. The CCS is the WHO’s medium-term vision for health cooperation with various countries. It is a key instrument for aligning its cooperation with national strategies and plans, and for harmonizing with the organizations of the United Nations (UN) system and other development partners.

After a global search, the WHO selected o/e to design and develop an interactive e-learning course (e-guide). o/e was selected based on a history of unique training solutions, the size and stability of the company, o/e’s proposed solution, and the chemistry and expertise of the o/e team. o/e’s core focus of helping organizations to meet their goals with a caring and approachable strategy was something that the WHO was looking for. o/e understood the challenges and opportunities associated with working with an international team, and the WHO trusted o/e to meet the challenge.

o/e’s Solution

o/e’s strategy zeroed in on the need for a solution that could be accepted by a truly diverse learning audience with different needs and cultural considerations. The strategy called for the creation of a clear and concise e-learning course that could be translated to multiple languages and widely distributed. Recognizing that learners in remote locales may not have reliable access to an internet connection, o/e proposed a solution that would be readily available to all learners, on demand, regardless of internet connectivity. For this reason, a diverse audience with varying preferences for delivery method, o/e designed and developed an interactive e-guide made available via both CD-ROM and a website identical to the CD-ROM.

With an eye on measurement and metrics, o/e also developed a management system to secure and track access to the guide. The solution included a simple LMS to register, launch, and track course usage. A uniquely designed application was built into the CD-ROM course that would send a completion e-mail to the WHO CCO upon course completion that was automatically processed by the LMS.

o/e’s solution was designed to be engaging, useful, and easy to navigate. Focus was also given to cultural, religious, and political considerations. To best communicate to the diverse learner population, o/e paid special attention to strategies that allow the transfer of information using more than just text and audio. This includes an intuitive interface based on a learning theme, and important messages conveyed through visual design for a global audience. The e-guide also includes links to appropriate references and resources, audio tools, knowledge checks, assessments, and more.


o/e’s solution was developed in English, French and Spanish, and delivered to a learner audience across 192 different countries. Learners included WHO employees at their headquarters and regional offices, the heads of country ministries, and various NGOs. Learner feedback for this solution has been positive and the CCS e-guide is in continued use by a global audience today. o/e has developed a lasting relationship with the WHO and has consulted on additional projects.

“We can attest to it that we have worked with a great team and do respect your commitment and understanding. We look forward to more fruitful collaboration in phase II.”

Dr. Funke Bogunjoko, Department of Country Focus, World Health Organization

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