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TAM of Nevada

e-Learning / Certification Program


The National Hospitality Institute has been a provider of alcohol awareness training and certification for Nevada-based retail and hospitality professionals for over two decades. Recognizing the opportunity to reach a wider audience, the NHI decided to take its alcohol awareness training online. To meet the certification needs of busy hospitality professionals in Las Vegas, the National Hospitality Institute selected o/e to design, develop, and administer the online Techniques of Alcohol Management® alcohol awareness course.

o/e’s Solution

o/e reviewed existing course content and suggested improvements for an effective and meaningful e-learning solution. o/e’s online format was made to allow students additional opportunities to not only listen to instructor references, but to apply that instruction to interactive scenarios. The TAM® course includes instruction covering responsible beverage service, local, state, and federal laws, customer rating techniques, and more. Recognizing the seriousness and importance of the subject matter, o/e designed the course to allow learners to quickly and easily grasp core concepts and retain the skills necessary to perform their jobs effectively. By incorporating learning activities into a variety of real-life scenarios that would be familiar to the learner audience, this course allows learners to practice job duties in a safe environment. With responsive design features, the course functions seamlessly on desktop, tablet, or smartphone devices. In an effort to provide the most comprehensive and convenient experience possible for the learning audience, o/e also manages an office in Las Vegas, Nevada to administer the classroom-based version of this course, and to provide customer support and certification assistance.


With o/e’s help, the TAM® alcohol awareness course is the most widely accepted offering of mandatory alcohol awareness training in Nevada. Each year, tens of thousands of learners complete their alcohol awareness certification training using this interactive course. TAM® students handle over 17 million sales transactions each year, and can confidently provide safe beverage service. Learner feedback for this o/e course has been tremendously positive with 94% of students surveyed indicating they were very satisfied or satisfied with the training they received.

“The interaction, the videos, the graphics, and the way it is presented are wonderful!”

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