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Performance-Based e-Learning

Performance-Based e-Learning


One of those most important resources in any business is its employees. Making sure team members are given the support and accommodation they need when facing serious illness or disability is important. With an eye to the intricacies of FMLA and ADA guidelines for businesses, Meijer engaged o/e to create an e-learning solution to help managers navigate company and government policy and procedures.

o/e’s Solution

o/e’s strategy was to give the learning audience the skills they need to assess individual team member situations for the best solutions. o/e’s approach was rooted in performance-based learning theory. An emotional intro hook was used to motivate learners and promote meaningful engagement. Scenario-based learning was used to teach learners about company policy on working with other employees regarding ADA and FMLA regulations. By utilizing this approach, learners were able to put their skills to work in a practice environment that provided intrinsic feedback. Learners quickly improved on their knowledge base, increased confidence while navigating scenarios, and discovered not only the necessary information, but why it was important to them.


Overall feedback from learners has been tremendously positive with over 99% reporting an overall positive learning experience. Not only was feedback positive, learners showed their level of interest in the training with many thoughtful comments about how they approached scenarios before and after completing the course. Learners self-reported an appreciable increase in knowledge and skill level after completing the course. This translates into better performance of job duties and increased confidence with subject matter. Students polled before and after completing the training indicated a 20% increase in those that felt they had “excellent” knowledge and skill level after taking this course and a 37% increase in those who had “good” or “excellent” knowledge and skill level after course completion. Learners often commented that they found the performance-based scenarios and intrinsic feedback to be the most valuable part of the learning experience.

“This is a great new tool – well put together, easy to follow, and attractive to look at. Hopefully it will… become a part of the training for all. Thanks to all who had a part in making this a success!”

Student Feedback

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